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We sell only genuine medicine

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Where are the medications from?

All medicines are supplied by registered retail pharmacies in Malaysia. You can be assured that the medications delivered are genuine.

What can I order?

You can order any medical-related items from MediSave including prescription medication, supplements, medical devices, personal care, etc. Besides that, you can order any items which are available in Malaysia. We will help you to look for the items in and give you a quotation. This is our value added service for our customers.

Which countries does MediSave deliver to?

We do provide medicine delivery service to patients residing in Singapore and Indonesia.

Delivery lead times/ Rates

The delivery lead time and delivery rates will be depending on the delivery address/location. Normally it takes around 7-14 days to receive the parcel.

Disclaimer: Delivery time could be longer by additional 2-4 business days due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. Customs delays, Public Holidays, Acts of Nature, etc.)


How do we pay?

You can proceed with payment after we have confirmed the final amount including delivery charges with you. There are 2 payment methods available:

Payment Method Average Time Taken for MediSave to receive the payment
Top Remit 1-2 working days
Bank Telegraphic Transfer (TT) 2-3 working days
What is the tax amount?

The tax amount is on averagely 18%-20% of the invoiced value. The person in charge of custom Indonesia will contact you about the tax amount when your parcel is undergoing a custom clearance process.

Cash Back and Referral

How to introduce my friends to use MediSave

You may introduce MediSave to your friends by using your referral link. You can click here to share.

How does MediSave point work?

After you sign up with MediSave, you will get 10,000 rebate points as a signup bonus. For every RM1 spent in MediSave, you will get 1 point too. 10,000 points = RM 25

About Medisave

MediSave is an online platform, offering medication and online consultation services, allowing consumers to get the medical services and medication at their ease. You can find any medical-related items such as supplements, medical devices, personal care products or traditional medicine products in MediSave.